Tori Black has been in the dreams and sexual fantasies of men all over the world, and with her natural perky breasts and never say no attitude it is no surprise really! It is also no surprise that the people working over at Fleshlight would want to add her to their line up of Fleshlight Girls. So, they did it, and they even made up a new and exclusive texture for her: the Torrid Fleshlight.

Tori Black Fleshlight Torrid

Even though I have seen and tried many of these newer textures, the Fleshlight Torrid just pushes the limits even further than I thought. This time they weren’t trying to make a realistic simulation, they were simply trying to make something so crazy and intense that you would always have something interesting to come back to.

Fleshlight Torrid texture image

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The pictures of Torrid Fleshlight Texture on the Fleshlight website really don’t do it justice – you just can’t appreciate how weird and wonderful this thing is from the images they show – but take a look at the video that shows how the inside of this sleeve works and you’ll most likely be as intrigued as I was when I saw it.